Terms and Conditions

2024 Terms.

The age criteria is between 17 and 24.

If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must give consent for you to audition.

You must be studying and or performing music.

All auditions will be reviewed by a quorum of Judges through a points allocation process with additional merit points for performance.

Finalists will be shortlisted for one of the published awards by Panel Judges to determine the winners. Where there is a draw the Founder or Sir Adjudicator will cast a winning point.

Those who are successful will be advised by phone and e-mail and which award(s) level they have achieved.


Prizes are awarded based on defined criteria of point allocation, similar to those used by the ABRSM. The scores must meet the upper limit for an award to be considered. Any candidate who exceeds those levels will receive a published award. Those who exceed the highest points and are granted merit scores by the panel, will be considered for a Scholarship.

DYMF Scholarships are granted where the applicant has demonstrated and achieved significant musicality, skill and passion.

Where a Scholarship is awarded the winner will be asked to play at a concert or recital, support and promote the DYMF mission through online social media.

An Award can be formally presented at their place of education or a concert established by themselves or the DYMF and its partners (whichever is most suitable,) or at an independent recital, where they can play their audition piece or another work of their choosing and receive their award and certificate.

The adjudicating panel and Founders decision is final.

Winners will be published on our website, social media and with press coverage where appropriate.

The DYMF adjudicating panel will assess live auditions and score accordingly on the day to determine the best performer and the appropriate award.

All auditions will be subject to photography and video recording and may be used by the DYMF for future reference and social media promotion, to showcase a winners talent.  


Auditions performances must be no longer than 10 minutes in duration.

Only successful auditions will be informed of the outcome.

Awards will be paid by bank transfer at a time and location determined by the Foundation.

Audition Videos will be stored by the DYMF for a period of 6 months after the closing date, then deleted from its database unless used for promotion and social media highlights.

Audition photography. The DYMF will photo and record audition content to adjudicate/ assess, promote and circulate winning entries across various media outlets and its collaborators, via social media and promotional videos; The purpose of which is to showcase and promote the winners achievements and provide exposure to the music industry and maintain a formal record of our award activity.